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Status of automation industry

Author:admin Date:10/11/2018 6:47:36 AM
 nder the slogan of "2025 of China's manufacturing industry and 4 of China's manufacturing industry", the automation industry is thriving and thriving. You are embarrassed to say that you are mixed up in the industry with a business transformation, a personal venture, a cross-border robbery, a government support,, a, or a manufacturing industry without a point of automation.
Source: industrial robot training
Is the current situation of this industry in China so prosperous, I feel a lot of feeling in this industry for more than 10 years, from abroad to domestic, from foreign enterprises to private enterprises, from grass-roots to management, from industry to education, and feel much more feeling, without emotion, not attacking, not playing indignant youth, only talking about facts.
First of all, there is no doubt that this industry has the future and the way of money. It is the only way for industrial development and has great potential. But... ..
We all know that the ultimate purpose of the enterprise is to make money, and that the enterprise that does not make money for the purpose of making money is X. Mr. Ma Yun once said that it is immoral to make a business without making money. (see people speak more elegance!) But how to make money!
In fact, it is also simple. First, the market is the two product, the three is the price, the four is the delivery period, and the five is the service.
1. Market
As a friend of the industry, it is necessary to set up its own position. Automation is not essential in essence, because human ability is too great and the automation can be done by manpower. When there was no automation, the aircraft could fly in the sky and the rocket could rise empty. Then why should the market need automation? Because it can improve efficiency and save costs.
In other words, automation can help enterprises change to make money. So if the enterprises and friends of automation industry want to make money in this market, the first is how much money our automation can earn for our customers. Artificial saving, efficiency improvement, and upward quality are all ways to make money for customers.
In recent years, there is an increasing number of enterprises that demand automation, which I call love. But on the other hand, the pace of automation is far slower than we think, and I call it marriage. The status quo of the market is the lack of more marriages. Even marrying is a marathon love affair. What's more, when we are in love, we are overwhelmingly strong when we break up.
It is necessary for the enterprise to carry out automation in the enterprise. It will take two years or so to recover the cost. In this respect, the idea of automobile, IT electronics, household electrical appliance industry and foreign enterprise is more advanced. In their idea, factory equipment and automation (Intelligence) are integrated into one. It is divided. At the beginning of plant construction or when new equipment is purchased, automation will be introduced, so these customers are the main force in the automation industry.
I meet some foreign customers who are absolutely prohibited from working directly with processing equipment, such as the molding industry, if the mechanical hand fails, they would rather stop and do not let the manual go to the molding machine. For example, the matching automation of the CNC numerical control equipment, the day and the European and American departments all require mechanical hands. Or robots are fed up and down, because it involves the consistency of personal safety and product processing. There are also some small and medium enterprises that have put forward automation requirements due to the pressure or policy support of the recruitment, but most of them have a more cautious attitude. These enterprises are potential customers of automation, but it will take some time.
Just as marriage is a matter of two people, so is the automation industry. If we want to successfully import automation, suppliers and consumers need to take the initiative to succeed.
As for the development of the market, you can only rely on your own efforts, no one can give you the right answer. I went to a training for the growth of the enterprise a few days ago, the training teacher eloquence is very good, let everyone find their own bottlenecks, most of the enterprises feel that the market development is not enough when the bottleneck of their own, the teacher said it is very good, through the training of people to find their own short board next to the short board to take out their own methods . Honestly, listen to me a little halo! You can't blame the teacher, because his training object is to take care of all the enterprises. Automation is a very widespread idea, we are in the development of the market position to be accurate, to be targeted, know how to abandon, beyond the ability and beyond the scope of our own discretion. Any project must be occupied by engineers and manpower. We should devote limited manpower to the right projects.
I also often meet some of my friends to sell my products, and sometimes I ask them to tell me that I can do it without thinking, and I can only get it. Marketing engineers want to sell their products, and the mood can be understood, but the real marketing must be to fully understand the needs of the customers and to discuss the functions, processes and even difficulties of the customers. If you can only say one thing all the time, you can't have a pleasant discussion.
Again, if the market of automation industry wants to thrive, it must be in the positive interaction between customers and suppliers. The customer is God, that's right. Customers are always right. This is not true, at least in this industry.
Talk about the product again. The automation industry has a wide range of products, and I think it can be divided into several categories: functional components (such as electrical components, pneumatic components, sensors, mechanical parts, etc.); standard functional equipment (such as mechanical hands and machines).

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