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Safety operation rules for CNC turret punch press

Author:admin Date:10/9/2018 5:02:19 AM
 CNC turret punch safety operation procedures:
1. The CNC turret punch operator must undergo professional learning and training to master the structure and performance of the numerical control equipment, familiar with the operating procedures and obtain the operation permission before operating independently.
2. Correctly use the safety protection and control devices on the numerical control equipment, and do not arbitrarily disassemble them.
3. Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the CNC turret punching machine and the protective safety device are normal. The mold screws must be confirmed whether they are firm or not.
4. The CNC turret punch press should be emptied for 2-3 minutes before work. Check the flexibility of the control device such as the foot brake, and confirm that it can be used after normal operation.
5. When installing the CNC Machining turret mold, it must be tight and firm. The upper and lower molds should be aligned to ensure the correct position. Manually control the CNC turret punch press test (empty car) to ensure that the mold is working under good conditions. 6. Pay attention to lubrication before driving, and remove all floating items on the bed.
7. When the CNC turret punch press starts or runs, the operator should stand properly, the hand and head should be kept at a certain distance from the punching machine, and always pay attention to the punch action. It is strictly forbidden to chat with others. 8. When processing special small workpieces, apply special tools, and do not directly feed or take the parts by hand. 9. Stop at the end of the work, cut off the power, wipe the CNC turret punch, and organize the surrounding environment.

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