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How to calculate the processing price of hardware parts

Author:admin Date:11/2/2018 8:57:45 AM
How to calculate the processing price of hardware parts
 first look at your drawings and technical requirements
There is a difference in the amount of artificial materials in various places, and in some places the difference is very large
2.ted on the basis of material fee + processing fee + profit, and the processing fee depends on the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different, and some are calculated on the basis of working hours(turning time, grinding time, etc.). Some are calculated according to the process(such as how much money is broken, how much money is ordinary drilling, etc.)
there is also a number of problems, the amount of large, of course, if it is a single piece of tragic, even if it is a small piece, material is not retail, you will count the price of the entire board! For example, you said 0.3, manufacturers are not commonly used, if you only have one or two, if you only buy materials once to buy a board(such as 1220 * 2440) then your material costs will be innocent.

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