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Author:admin Date:10/9/2018 5:14:34 AM
 CNC machining is one of the most critical functions of the manufacturing sector, from the production of computer parts and fasteners to auto parts and aerospace components. Without the high-tech capabilities unique to CNC machines, various components seen on everyday household items would be nearly impossible to produce. As the engineers who’ve undergone CNC machine training will attest, the coding that makes it possible for a CNC machine to mold metal parts into shape is complex.
Shanghai Zhansong Industrial Co. Ltd, we have specialized in the making of custom machines and fabrication for more than  10 years. Our CNC machines are programmed to the exact specifications of each customer by our team of in-house experts. Additionally, we’ve expanded into several related areas of expertise, including machine design, panel wiring, reverse engineering and metal fabrication.
Having satisfied a vast range of clients across the industrial sector over the past 10+ years, we understand the importance of delivering things on time and exactly to the customer’s specifications. By the same token, we understand customers often have questions about the various aspects of CNC machining. we make it a point to answer all questions about the pieces and parts that we prepare for customers.
Another extension of our capabilities here is our expertise in the various tools and processes of CNC machining, from lathes and saws to routers and turning centers. Furthermore, our reverse engineering service allows us to customize parts for pre-existing or outdated components. These services and others are performed at our Shanghai headquarters, China. Visit our website for more information on our machining capabilities.

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